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    I love this Hobby but my wallet is

    This is my first electric on road. I'm happy i chose traxxas i love the way this chassis is laid out. Overall I think it really mirrors the really 1:1 car. lightweight,insanely fast and agile Ive been getting used to the car with the stock battery. now its time to step up to lipo. I have the thunder ac6 charger its great for a semi noob like me. I'm so excited i just ordered a ton of stuff.

    2 ***** 2s 2200 lipo (ive been waiting for spc to stock 2s and 3s)
    1 ***** 3s 1800 lipo <----- please tell me if they really fit
    paralel and series connector
    Infrared Temperature Gauge
    Traxxas 4 tec wheels w/slicks Traxxas #4873
    hpi xpattern belted pro compound tire
    HPI Racing Work XSA 02C black
    hpi corsa wheel black
    hp1 volk te37 wheel black
    4 pairs Abs drift tires from ebay (drift sushi)
    fisheye lens for camera

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    whats a wallet? man i had to sell that a couple body pins with that money

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