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    Changing diff oil

    is it worth changing the stock diff oil? it says in the manual if u run any think other than stock batterys then change it and im runnin lipo?

    if so what weight for 2s batterys and whats the easiest way to do it



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    It's a pain to change the oil. I just keep mine stock on both 3s and 2s lipo. I believe 2s is pretty close to the stock nimh anyways. On the other hand i'm not the most sophisticated driver. I once accident put 30k in both the front and rear instead of 50k in front and 30k in rear and had trouble figuring out if org made much of a difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigken View Post
    It's a pain to change the oil
    yup! I know my shocks shipped with air in them and my diffs didn't have a whole lot of oil in them so I think it's worth while to go through everything even if you don't change from stock. But bigken is right, the diffs are kind of a pain.
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    Im racing carpet so 80wt front/rear w/ limiters on outside and Diff oil is currently 5k front 3k rear. I am going to go up in the front perhaps 10/15k

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