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    Q's about Summit

    Hey, I've got a friend who's in my little racing league (3 of us kids) and he'll be racing in a summit very soon, i heard somethings that i dont like considereing our basic stock rules and motor rules. Does the 1 10 summit have a 775, and what other advantages would it have over a slash/ single battery revo

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    The summit does have a 775, and it not a good racer unless you are racing up some rocky hill climbs or something. The revo and Slash will beat it everytime on flats and tracks.

    The summit is made for general fun and bashing, definately not high speed. It has very soft shocks, a LOT of suspension travel, and soft oversized tires. These are all things that make it a very fun truck, but a bad racer.

    The Revo and slash are specifically designed to be race trucks. Granted they are in different classes as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slash4721 View Post
    and what other advantages would it have over a slash/ single battery revo
    Advantages over a slash or revo?? None as far as racing is concerned. But after you WOMP him in the race he can meet you in the winners circle and crush your puny slash.

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