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    Question Aluminium/Steel replacements for suspension A arms?

    Hi All,
    I busted my rear left lower suspension A arm on my 3rd time out with my brand new summit (plus I got credit card skimmed, held up for $100 at an ATM and got a parking ticket while parked in a free carpark and taking my wife to our 18 week baby scan...just one of those weeks..)

    Anyways does anyone know of any decent steel/aluminium replacement parts to recommend?

    I think the part number is 5333R 5328

    I've read about RPM arms but they are for the Revo, will these fit the 1:10 summit ok? Can someone give me a link? I've read in an old thread that alloy arms can cause other problems?

    Can someone confirm that this is the correct replacement for stock nylon?

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    If the part numbers for the arms are the same, you can get the RPM ones. The aluminium ones WILL bend in a crash, and stay bent, so you'll have to replace them again.. just that it costs much more. Steel would be way too heavy. The "R" version of the stock arms is for the extended wheelbase, I am not sure the summit would benefit from that.

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    the summit comes stock with the extended rear arms. most e-revo/revo items will fit the summit - some RPM erevo arms might slightly contact the summits larger diff, but sand paper or a dremel will make it fit .

    yes and the arms you linked to should fit without problems
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    Cool thanks guys.

    I've fixed it up with some epoxy glue for the time being, just hope it will hold together till I get a new replacement. Got a feeling I will be needing a few of these.

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