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    Has any one tried sealing the wheel vent holes to keep out water and dirt from soaking the inner foam inserts.I was wondering if this is an option.

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    It would probably bounce too much. Drill 2 holes at 180 degrees in tires to let water out.

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    The idea of the vents is when your tires balloon and retirn back to regular size (depending on speed) that the venting of the rim prevents the sidewalls from getting torn up and distorted....

    You need those holes... But,,, You can always put holes in between the trad patterns of the tire, like 3 of them... This way when you run those holes will allow the water to escape as the tire spins.... As long as you do not slice the tire (make the hole using a hole punch or drill bit best while tire is not mounted) it should not affect your tire wear at all. Many do this.
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