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    "Hey honey, do you want to drive the truck?"

    Took my son out to drive (he just steers cause hes 3) to play with the pede on a nice cool and sunny day.

    Fresh battery, babies asleep upstairs and ready for fun.

    Then my wife comes outside before I've even pulled the trigger.

    So i speak those words: "Hey honey, do you want to drive the truck?"


    I set the truck in the driveway, then walk back to stand by our front step and watch...and laugh...she's never driven an RC before. 15 feet away, I turn just in time for a full speed, fresh pack, Stampede 4x4 wheelie bar to meet squarely with my SHIN.

    Yep...friggen REVERSE, full speed on nice grippy brushed concrete...I got the cross bar of the wheelie bar to my shin and good LORD did that hurt.

    Then a massive bump followed by a good amount of blood from the laceration.

    Its one thing to randomly run into yourself on accident, but when you have no clue its coming. OUCH

    Just thought i'd share as im sure plenty of you have similar stories.

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    I was doing a Speed run on 3s with the stock Velineon system, had it coming toward me when it veered a bit off course and started to head directly for me. I tried to jump over it but I didn't jump high enough and the bumper smacked right into my big toe as i was jumping in the air. Almost felt like I broke my toe.

    I also hit my friend with my truck once as he was filming lol

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    well, now you can see your literally bled for your pede.
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    When my kids first got thier pedes they would always run into them and every one else. It was funny unless you were the victim. My wife has gotten pretty good at driving the rc's. she has her own now. When she first started driving she nailed me so many times wot.
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