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    first generation Slayer

    I bought a Slayer on ebay thinking a Slayer is a Slayer, but to my surprise I bought an older one. It is mint and besides having a broken clutch spring and a fowled glow plug from break in period it is like new. My question is that would like to have a pro model. It sounds like they are a bit wider and longer. Anything else that would render me buying a brand new Slayer Pro. If I do sell the one I got is 350 too much to ask? I have 290 in it plus the glow plug and clutch kit. Thanks for your input!

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    350 for a used older model is high in my opinion. I got my SLAYER PRO for about 420 about 4 months ago

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    Just convert it like I did mine. I personally don't see any reason to buy a whole separate truck. I got a brand new PRO chassis on ebay for less than $10. I also got an entire set of PRO a-arms for like $24. Then you are good to go unless you have the 2.5 engine. A simple TRX 3.3 or O.S. .21 swap and you are rockin' and rollin'!

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    Convert. A new Slayer is $417 at Tower but with a $50 coupon I can get it for $367 new. Honestly, why pay $350 for used when for $17 more I can get new and don't have any doubts what kind of condition it is in?
    You'll probably pay more in the end if you go with new and sell the old one which may go for around $250. So hit up eBay and get a chassis and a few other parts and convert. Then you could sell your old stuff not needed after the coversion. And you'll learn so much more about the truck.
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