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    Hey i was wondering if i would feel a power differance in my setup with boost 3s...

    I have 5 1/16 cars. Lol. Ill post pics shortly. One of mine is for top speed. Im running sv2 with stock motor. 32pinion by robin racing. Its a racing pinion so its VERY light. And im running venom crap 3s 1300mah batterys lol. I just orderd boost packs (3s). Will there be a dfferance in power?

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    Is the C rating higher? If it is, you may notice a difference in performance.

    Otherwise, a 3s is a 3s, so there won't be any difference.

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    There will be 2 differences. If the mah rating is higher you will get longer run times. And the C rating makes a pretty big difference in power.

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