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    Slayer to E-Slayer Conversion

    Hi guys,

    A little while ago I purchased a Slayer that is already converted to electric.
    I don't have all the electronics yet, I'm going to install a 2150kv Tacon brushless
    motor and run the truck on 4s, what would be a good gear ratio to start with.
    Currently I don't have any Mod1 pinion, I don't want to purchase a lot of them
    at the price they sell. Mostly I run on pavement, no grass, no jumps.

    Also any one of you know how to reach Oomp, I tried here (no answer) and on
    rc-monster (registered on the forum, no admin validated me), I'd like to know
    if he still got some of those adapter he made to lock the transmission in 2nd gear.

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    There are several of us that have converted to e-slayers so there is plenty of information in this forum to look at. To figure out gearing you can use this calc to get in the ballpark. Locking the tranny in 2nd gear is not difficult. Of course converting a nitro to electric isn't for those uncomfortable with these sort of modifications.

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