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    28/76 geraring vs 28/83

    I have a variety of different pinions I was wondering what changing the spur fromk the stock 76 tooth to an 83 tooth would do for me? I mostly use my Bandit for bashing on the street, a lot of forums have shaown the the gear ration im running is a good match for street bashing but what do you guys use? what would be the benefit (if any) of me switching to an 83 tooth spur? Thanks
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    Well if you switced to a larger spur, you wold havemore torque with less high speed and a smaller spur is vice versa. You also want to vary between gears to find the sweet spot for temps.
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    +1 to what mike said. All about trying it out, and seeing what your best gear ratio is without ever getting above 140 degress. But u always want to find the sweet spot that keeps you well under that no matter how long the run. That is the key.

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