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    Post Where can I found 1/16 summit steel driveshaft?

    Hi, it's just because I received my summit 1/16 about a week ago and there is evidently a problem with the driveshafts who are always broken. I would like to put aluminum or steel driveshafts so they wont break anymore. I would like to know if the ones made by traxxas for the 1/16 e revo (TRA 7151 X) would fit the summit, if not, are they universal? Where can I found a kit so they won't always be broken? Thanks!!!!

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    The kit is not available yet. Tho make the merv ones fit you will have to change the rear arms for the merv, if not they pop out. People are using GPM aluminum shafts as a replacement.

    more info
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    I tried the GPM and they are a really good design but made from cheep material from my experience. I would go with the traxxas steel shafts. They have them on for around $60ish for all 4.
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