[QUOTE=GRAVEDIGGER_STAMPEDE_VXL_4x2;4761465]ABS1 is this the Titanium Lunsford Turnbuckles and Hingepin set you would recommend with the Slasher ProTrac kit? I want to make sure i order the right one when i order the ProTrac kit.

G Digga, its not bro. The slash links stock only match the pede in the front camber links. Both back and Tbs are diff size. But these will be a tad to short for when you have the protrac kit. The kit adds 11mm to the front, and 3mm to the back. U can use those deminsions exaclty if added to stock on what size ya need. But with all the links, TBs included, you dont "need" and links if you dont wanna buy em. They come with some already, but I myself didnt like the color of the steel of the proline links on my truck. And they kind of show excessive threading. Of course the lunsford are the strongest and "nicest" ones out there, but youll need diff ones. If you have links now, measure the length inside the rod ends. So like without the threading, and thats the length of links you'll need to purchase if lunsford measures theres the same as traxxas and others. And that is giving you the deminsions without the threading. So for example the turnbuckles neeed are 72mm. Stock is 61mm. Which is the same way traxxas lists their alum turnbuckles. Length of link, minus threading.

as for the suspension pins, the stock ones are actually what u need with protrac also. If you want to upgrade those bad boys, "and they get annoying always unthreading themselfs" the STRC lock nut style are awesome. These ones below.


Also, since ya got the kit comin. Check out this vid. This will help ya see what links are provided to. In the video, the guy states the lengths of the links, but those are end to end like he states. not the length of the links alone, or "bolt to bolt"/ mouting point to mounting point which is the most crucial, and very important to get dead right, I have listed above for ya to check out. The post about wheel alignment and stuff.


IMO though, since ya got the digga thing going on. I think the lunsford links will look way sick. The color of the stainless steel/titanium looking shade will look real good with your grave digger thing you got going on.