Been a little while since I have done an update on this, one and original build thread of mine.. Awesome to see the entire life of my vehicle, and its ever evolving status... Real cool

First things first... Workspace was completed, with the shelving completed on the other side, when it became available. And much needed... I want even more..

2nd, I got Trenchers, along with my ladies.. Hers is done, and driving like a champ, and being enjoyed alot. Awesome to have two trucks driving together.. So much so it inspired me to hurry and build MORE!

Really enjoying the Trencher tires. Even more than the Mashers Tires. I do have a set of new Mashers to get a real comparison to. I also have a new set of MOnster Jams, and 2 sets of Glocs as extra for both pedes....

The ladies pede is all done, although it still doesnt have a body. As for Right now, I have EIGHT bodies to paint.... Almost ridiculous.. For different purposes.. But im using my original body, only held on by a boad load of duck tape, and she is using a old clear body I have..

For the Ladies Pede, Visit Here:

As for my Pede, I added the new tires, the 2nd Pro4 Motor (to run 3S also) The SNappy RC mount, and I installed the "dreadend" Type Big Tube aluminum links. Super strong....

Also added a REM Tranny as well...REALLY Helps with any heat issues... No more worries there.

And next, I havent done any word to the 1/16 scale... Its still getting dyed, and what not.. But... I have a 3rd Hooked up Pede, 4th total(one stock) getting put together real fast. Bot my bro in law, and pops love to drive my trucks... They have to share the 2 others I have. Putting anouther together, will allow em to drive them together, for a total of 3. It will also be my waterproof pede through the winter, with its blue matching the velineion system.

As of today, This is where it stands. its getting finised real fast. In one week, so that its ready by the next time I get with my family.

Along with the other thread, Il be posting pics of it on here. This thread should be changed to .. Absolute Stampede Rebuilds (S) lol.

For its thread, visit here...!-New-build!