I, like all E-Revo owners had been having trouble with the stock bulkheads breaking all the time. I tried everything even using a rollcage to add some support to the chassis and keep it from flexing and breaking the bulks. The rollcage helped out some. But when I heard Integy had finally put out some aluminum bulks, I had to get some. They arent cheap at all $95 front $95 rear. $200 bucks for bulks? but I had to try them out. So The mighty aluminum Integy bulks arrived today!!!! I installed them already. My first impresion of them was that they looked pretty tough. The area in the plastic bulks that always fails is the hollowed out area close to the chasis and that area has been replaced with solid aluminum, not hollow anymore. The rear ones went on fine with no troubles, but the front ones gave me a little trouble due to the fact that some of the holes didnt quite line up with the chassis it wasnt a big deal just had to wiggle the screws around a little till they lined up. I went out in front of my house and put them through the first test. I pulled out my skate ramp and went through two sets of battery packs worth of 30 footers onto asphalt!!! And guess what???.................The aluminum bulks passed the first test!!! I must have done about 60 jumps all being 25-30 ft long landings onto asphalt. I even had some bad landings when I would miss the ramp but no damage was reported. And may I add that I did all this without the added support of the rollcage. I must say I am impressed so far. cant wait till this weekend so I can go try the 80 footers at the sandhills. I might take it out to the skate park and try some 50 footers there sometime this week. I will have some video for you guys put together by next week.