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Thread: Lipo questions

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    Lipo questions

    hey. i have never used lipo. i want to get a pair of lipos that will work in my summit, and as a single battery can work in my 1/16 erevo BL.
    1) so what lipos should i get?
    2) what mods do i have to do to the vehicles? i have heard something about an automatic shutoff or something.
    i'm sure these questions sound simple but i have been out of the hobby awhile and dont want to ruin any rx or please explain what i need to do to go lipo as if i was a simpleton, thanx

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    Batteries for the 1/16 are around 1800/2000 while a single battery for the large summit starts at least at 3000 while most people rather go for 5000+ so you will not achieve your goal resonably.

    About the lipo issue I suggest reading the forum a bit as this has been coverd about a million times...

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    You have to turn on LVC (low-voltage-cutoff) so that the batteries do not get drained to much of power and get ruined. SPC batteries are good for the 1/16 models, as are Boost and Venom. Maxamps is sort of over priced. Usually, no other mods will be required to run Li-Po batteries other than LVC. Get the right size and the packs will fit right into the truck(s).

    Go for over 2000 mAH for the 1/16 and, I would go with over 6000 mAH for your Summit. I'm assuming that this is the 1/10 scale because it is in this forum.
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