Yes, I know I can download Castle Link from CC's site. The problem I have is that I installed a new MMM esc/1520 combo in my Summit yesterday and when I went to program the esc, my software said there was an update. I updated it, but now it will only let me go back to v1.24 firmware and I want to run v1.2 firmware. I ran v1.2 in the past on a different MMM/2200 setup in this truck and found the crawlability to be good. I just came in from my maiden test run and while the torque of the 1520 on 4s (20/65) is awesome, the low speed/crawling is less than spectacular IMO.

I'm hoping that if I can get an older Castle Link disc I can uninstall the current CL software on my computer and that installing the older version will let me get back as far as v1.2. If anyone can help me out I would be super appreciative. I will of course send some $ to cover mailing it and a cold frosty beverage

FWIW, I checked my LHS and now they only sell the field prog. card as a means of setting up a CC esc I have also contacted CC regarding this and am yet to hear back from them.