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    Lipo dischargeing wrong

    ok i have an evx 2 that i have set up for lipos, but only one side is discharging the right way. the cut off works for 4s and has stopped the rc before it's gone below the discharge on the one battery. I've been looking at the way people have been setting up the esc and im confused cause i believe the bec is connected to both batteries. can anyone help?

    NM i got the answer elsewhere thanks anyways to anyone who looked
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    Just for the protocol. You can't setup the EVX2 for Lipo. If you could, there wouln't be any need for LVC/LVA. So you must have added something that can cut off.

    One battery goes to BEC and powers receiver, servos and esc, the other battery only powers the motor. Normally the plug for the BEC has a red flag on it. If there is no flag, it's the side where the battery is lower. Normally it's sufficient to add a LVA/LVC simply to this side.

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    BEC side pack always discharges faster because it is powering the BEC circuit AND the motor circuit on a stock EVX2.
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