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    proline trenchers 2.8 on pede 4x4 question

    Just ordered trenchers from the lhs and they also ordered me torque rims. I was just checking out prolines website and it states these two wont work together, does anyone know if this is true? I didn't want to go with the badlands because I do run on the street sometimes. Any thoughts?

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    The Trenchers are made for TRX 2.8 rims. They will not work on the 30 series Torque. But if a big burly tire is what you're after the Trencher is a good choice.

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    Yea these tires asorb offroading pretty nice. And the added size looks nice.
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    I have them on mine and they are definitely a very grippy tire. Be warned though, they have a ton of side grip and the truck flips very easily. Almost too easily for my taste. With the stock tires it at least slides some but with the Trenchers there's no slide, just bite and flip sideways.

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