For a while I got into racing. Made my way into the expert classes, and had fun with the Slash. But then I thought the Slash was holding me back so I bought a SC10 FT.

The SC10 just doesn't want to run right. Long story there...

I pulled the velineon out of the SC10 and put it back in the Slash. I also pulled out my old big KD motor.

Geared it 18/50 on 32 pitch. Then I put my onroad tires on it, and also put the gyro back in it.

RC calc says I'm geared for 55 mph. Its a rocket ship. Out at the park I ran it in the parking lots, I nearly forgot what a great basher the Slash can be.

The gyro makes me giggle, if I come into a corner at high speed, and tap the brakes as I turn in, the truck trys to spin out. The tail end comes out, and the gyro quickly counter steers. If I give it just the right amount of throttle, it creates a huge drifting corner.

My buddy was running a Losi 4wd short course, also with huge power. But he couldn't hang with me in the corners. I'd come sliding into the corner, then lay into the throttle, and the truck would rocket off, leaving the 4wd in its dust.

Motor temps were perfect, everything was perfect.