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    Can't get my tmaxx started

    I can't get my tmaxx started wont even turn over, the battery in the easy start is fully charged, has a new glow plug wire and a new glow plug, when I try to start it the motor light is only on then it shuts off after like 3 seconds them it shuts off and the glow plug light come on, any suggestions? I know it's not flooded and the piston moves so its not seized, the tmaxx is only a couple months old haven't used it too much so idk what it could b, thanks

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    youtube ez start disassemble as this is main fault. It also could be the ez start motor is buggered. Worth a look but all parts are replaceable and done so with a cheap price.
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    That's the ez starts protection circuit kicking in, you have binding somewhere in the ez start, you need to pull it & find the problem.
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    Put a pull starter on it at east while you are trouble shooting the problem, this way you can eliminate a bunch of factors right from the start, mo pun inteaded.

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