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    How do you reset VLX ESC?

    Been having troubles with my esc. Is reseting the same as recalibrating or is there a way to actually reset the esc.

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    I have recently had some issues with my esc: I had to reset the radio, and then recalibrate the esc. As far as actually resetting it, I don't know. My issue was though that when I turned the transmitter off, the motor would turn on just enough to make a sound that would drive you out of your mind! The issue was that my throttle (on the remote) was in the 70/30 position, but apparently the failsafe is only supposed to work in the 50/50 position.

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    1. turn on remote and esc
    2.let go the esc button
    3. hold the button until you hear a beeping noise.
    thats how i got my esc working again.
    hope this helps!
    <nitro rustler.15>< vxl slash>

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