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    51 MPH out of the rally

    51 MPH out of the that good..or did anyone get thirs to go faster.and how did you do it ?

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    For stock that is what you would expect from two nimh batteries in series and the included extra pinion. To go faster you would want a 3s lipo and a 1:10 scale motor
    Rally SV2/4600 and fully loaded

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    when the rally was first released that Kevin Adamanski guy from RC Car Action took a bone stock Rally VXL with the Series adapter and 2 stock batteries, the speed pinion and radar'd it at 50+ mph with no other changes. The real milestone to pass is 70mph... once you beyond that your really doing something impressive.

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    70+ MPH will be impressive. You're going to need a 1/10 motor and some RPM parts for strength (in crashes).

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    Some Rustler guys out there running 1/8 Mamba Monster Motors, and 24/36 gearing with (2) 3cs running 100+ mph. Insane. Im sure with 1/10 castle, Tekin, Or Novak and 3c Lipos Rallys can get 80+. if 1/10 motor, regular non-outrageous gearing, and one 3c Lipo can get my heavy Pede up to 65-70, Rally should be able to hit 80 for sure. That'd be awesome. Im sure itll be done soon.

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