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    Question regarding Traxxas EZ Peak charger

    I own a Stampede 4x4. I bought the Traxxas EZ Peak 4 amp AC/DC quick charger so I wouldn't have to wait 8 hours for a full charge. I have a very basic question.

    Where do you connect the DC alligator clips? A friend suggested that they could be connected to a car battery. He thought that people might bring seperate car batteries to rc meets and such so they can have a charging source close to the action.

    Is this what people typically do?

    On a side note......... Is there a reason why the forum is extremely slow? I have a 10mp/s broadband speed and the site just crawls this morning. It takes over 20 seconds to load a page (sometimes with server timeouts).

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    The forum has been experiencing some slow downs lately, apparently they are working on some fixes to the new layout that have been causing some issues.

    The alligator clips are, in fact, for charging from a car battery. Not necessarily for at races... but that is one reason. If your out at a track or out in a parking lot bashing for an afternoon away from home you can charge off your car battery since theres no outlet around. I often take a Polaris Ranger to some of my bashing spots and charge off its battery also.

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