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    Lipo charging question for newb

    I've has my new 4x4 Stampede for 2 weeks and I'm ready for lipos. Here is what I ordered:

    Thunder AC6 Smart Balance LiPo/Nimh Charger/Discharger w/ AC Adapter for 1-6 Lipo/ 1-15 Nimh w/ USB to PC Software

    2 - Gens ace LIPO 5000mAh 40C 7.4V lipo battery packs

    Here are my questions:
    What connectors will I need for charging and running? (soldering is not an issue)
    Will I be able to charge 3s 5000mAh lipo's
    When I charge the 5000mAh 2s lipo's do I charge at 5.0A?
    Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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    Traxxas Female connectors for the Batts
    Traxxas male for the Charger
    balancing adapter/s should be included with the charger
    no problem with up to 6s lipo
    5a is the chargers max and is fine for your 5,000mah's
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    These are questions that should be directed to the manufacturer or vendor you are puchasig the equipment from. Traxxas does not allow of this type of tech support for other comapnies products on this forum.
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