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    Question Burning Smell

    Well after not using my Stampede for almost 3yrs I decided to dust it off and power it up. I ran it for about 3 mins and realized I trashed a plastic gear in the tranny. Plastic and petroleum don't really mix. Anyway, I replaced the 3696 Idler gear, steel (30-tooth), 2381X Main diff with steel ring gear/ side cover plate/ screws & the gear on the motor (2423 Gear, 23-T pinion (48-pitch) / set screw) and put it all together and ran it for about 8 mins. or so then brought it to a rest in front of myself only to smell a strong electrical burn or overheat smell. Well needless to say, all that works now is the steering. Any ideas??? Could I have just burned out the motor??? THe wheels spin pretty free but not with the remote.



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    Sorry, wrong board.

    You probably wanted the Stampede 4x2 board.
    Had-> MERV, ERBE, Stampede 4x4

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