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    3800 sct installed

    Good news, i decided to keep the pede..
    i picked up the sct3800 and threw it in the Rusty for a few minutes. Ran well but i needed to work on gearing.
    My intentions were to keep it in the rusty and sell the pede. I wanted less maintenance and a faster RC.
    Good thing i decided to try the system in the pede. Worked very well. I think all the things i saw in the pede with the VXL and my old slash PE suspension was just that. I put the new pede suspension back on with this system and it jumped much better, handled better, just was a lot more of what i expected.

    Now to figure out where to mount the ESC. Right now i have it attached to the battery hold down. I ziptied it and also have foam pad attached to the bottom. It will not move and has a cushion between it and the battery.
    I may move the rx to the the spot where the stock esc was and move the esc to the RX spot like ASeck did.

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    I just made a mount out of old plastic and reamed holes where the screws go in for the chassis. Then I put double sided foam on the ESC to secure it to the mount. Works very well and I can remove the ESC by just unscrewing two screws. This is what most of us have done. I am using a MMP though, but the Sidewinder will work just as good for this mod.
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