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    Darty steering problem.

    So I like to fly down the sidewalks by my house. I have a good 10 houses worth of sidewalk so I it's cool going 40 miles an hour on a narrow walkway. Anyway I find it hard to keep this truck on the walkway. It's kinda darty left and rite. It's bone stock no mods at all and I set the front toe but still seems twitchy. I kinda just keep going left and rite back and forth but never get it to go straight.

    I fly down the sidewalk with the slash,revo and sc8. Just this truck is a little unstable at high speed it tight quarters. Is it me or can I adjust something? Anyone else notice this?
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    Accepting requests for bashing at GREENWOOD BASHPLEX in Pittsburgh PA!! Check the thread in the track buddy forum and reply there or pm
    Search stability mod on this forum. There are also different viscosity oils avail for the diffs. Using a thicker diff oil will help. Also, adding the center diff can also smooth out the steering, but will eliminate wheelies, and majorly change the trucks bash handling.
    Check to make sure all moving suspension parts are working freely, and not binding.

    One other consideration, this is a short wheelbase high powered monster truck. Compared to the 3 long wheelbase trucks you mention, it will be less stable than a longer chassis.
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    I've read that STRC bellcrank can take out the slop in the system. I think I will be getting one soon to see if it does. I've got some horrible play but, I have slammed, cart wheeled, nose dive, my front takes a real beating. I keep the stock bumper, I think is works fine and looks better to me. I have seen a really sweet proline bellcrank. It was a bolt through design to eliminate pop out. I don't know if it works with the 44
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