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    E-RevoVXL's 1/16th FAQ

    This is the updated Traxxas 1/16 FAQ+Tutorials which has more information that is correct and not banned here. I also got a request to change a few things so there are a few minor changes to the thread. More pictures have been added, also.

    Use for:

    1/16 E-Revo VXL, 1/16 Summit VXL, and 1/16 Slash VXL 4WD


    1. Introduction
    2. Chassis
    3. Transmission
    4. Differentials
    5. Knuckles + Suspension
    6. Steering
    7. Wheels + Tires
    8. Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)
    9. Li-Po/Fe Batteries
    10. Big Block
    11. Chargers
    12. Gearing
    13. After-Market Parts
    14. Speed
    15. Conversions
    16. Body Clips
    17. Soldering
    18. Slipper Clutch
    19. Servos
    20. Corner Shimming
    21. Other Information
    22. Ending


    This is the Traxxas 1/16 FAQ and Tutorials that I have made for this forum. I have worked on this very hard to make sure that all of the information is easy to understand, yet correct. This has information for the Summit VXL, Slash VXL, and the E-Revo VXL. I (currently) own the 1/16 E-Revo VXL brushless with the Velineon power system. Thank you for reading.


    The chassis on these Traxxas 1/16 models is very nice. It maintains great weight balance and center of gravity (CG) to help driving performance. The chassis has dual battery trays for running two batteries at once. If your chassis ever gets cracked, damaged, or broken, get a new one and do not continue running it because the problem will continue to get worse.

    Will I ever need to cut my chassis?

    Many people will recommend cutting the battery doors on the chassis to allow the wires in Li-Po battery packs to fit out the battery doors and connect to the ESC easier, without pinching of the wires because of the battery door.

    You can also cut out a hole in the battery compartment vents on the chassis to allow the wires to reach the ESC, also, but most people just cut the battery doors.

    What are the dimensions for the largest battery that I can fit in the compartment?

    The dimensions of the battery box are: 31mm deep, 24mm high, and 104mm long.

    The chassis will look something like this on your 1/16 model:


    All of the 1/16 models (so far) have a single speed, all wheel drive transmission. The “speed pinion” that is included is smaller and is meant to keep temperatures down, not to go faster. Many of us would not recommend using dual Ni-MH batteries in series because it will really push the limits of the ESC and motor. Use a 3S Li-Po battery if you want to go faster.

    Many people also install a center differential, also know as a CD. The center differential regulates power to each side of the car and will improve performance of the car in turns and regular driving. A CD will decrease top speed, though.


    What do differentials do?

    The differentials (abbreviated as diffs) are very important in a R/C vehicle and transfer the power from the motor to the wheels. If you hear clicking, it’s usually the diffs. A center diff can be added to distribute the power of the motor better to each diff on the front and the back. Many people like the center differential (CD) and how much it helps driving performance, but it will decrease top speed and stop wheelies.

    A variety of oils and weights of them can be used for the differentials. No set weight (WT) is best, as it depends on what the user does with his or her R/C model.

    How do I shim a differential?

    Knuckles + Suspension

    The stock knuckles are not bad, but will break easily in a crash. There are many after-market knuckles and springs that you can use on your Traxxas 1/16 model. The stock springs can be adjusted by turning the bottom of them. There is a small part that will tighten or loosed them, depending on which way that they are being turned.

    How do I adjust camber and toe-in?

    Camber and toe-in also can be adjusted using the pivot balls that hold on the knuckles. If you have a toe-in problem or the tires are sticking way out, then adjust the bottom pivot balls. Camber can be adjusted by turning the top pivot ball where the knuckle is.

    Is it bad that my vehicle is bottoming out?

    These Traxxas 1/16 models are small and are meant to bottom out. This is not a bad thing for these models, but if you’re going to be doing many jumps, make sure to tighten your shocks to prevent bottoming out as much as possible. You can also tweak the suspension of your model by using different weight shock oils.


    The 1/16 models’ steering run off one single 2080 Traxxas waterproof micro servo. However, there is another spot for an additional servo if another servo would like to be added to increase turning power.

    Adding another stock servo will also keep the whole car waterproof.

    Are there any after-market servos that I can use?

    There are many other after-market servos that will fit in your 1/16 model and will increase turning power (torque), but many are not waterproof. One way to make them waterproof is to take the gears from them and put them in the stock casing for the servo, since that the casing is waterproof itself.

    See the “Servos” section for more information about servos and other ones that can be used in Traxxas 1/16 models.

    Wheels + Tires

    The stock tires are SportTraxx Talon 2.2’’. There are many after market wheels and tires that can be used on your 1/16 model. Some are made for off-road, so for on-road, and some for both. Remember that different tires and/or wheels will affect the overall suspension of your model and may be heavier than the stock ones, which could lead to overheating.

    If you are going to be running much larger wheels and tires, remember to install a smaller pinion to prevent excessive strain on the motor and increasing overheating. This same principle goes when running in sand, also, as it puts much more strain on the motor and components of your model. Gear down when using Sand Paws.

    Traxxas makes 2.2’’ Response Pro tires that have gotten many good reviews and will work great on all surfaces, but are made more for dirt.

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    Electronic Speed Controllers (ESCs)

    ESC stands for Electronic Speed Control. Lots of people abbreviate that and use ESC. The ESC works like a gas pedal on your car. The more that you push down the throttle on your transmitter, the more power the ESC sends to the motor.

    What are the different modes of the stock ESC?

    The stock ESC can be programmed into three different modes:

    1. Sport Mode
    2. Race Mode
    3. Training Mode

    What do these modes mean?


    1. 100% Forward, Reverse, and Brakes
    2. 100% Forward and Brakes- NO reverse.
    3. 50% Forward and Reverse, 100% Brakes

    How can I run Li-Po batteries with the stock ESC?

    The stock ESC can also be programmed to use Li-Po batteries by turning on LVC, which is Low Voltage Cutoff, which will save your Li-Po batteries from becoming too discharged.

    What other ESCs will work in my model?

    Many other ESCs can be used in a Traxxas 1/16 model. Many people currently use Castle Creations products such as the Sidewinder and Mamba Max. Note that the Castle Creations Mamba Micro Pro for 1/18 vehicles will NOT work in any of the current Traxxas 1/16 models.

    Some ESCs may not work with the stock motor, also.

    Also note that putting in a different ESC may or may not make the model waterproof any more. There are some after-market ESCs that can work in your model that are waterproof. One of them is the LRP Nexxt 4X ESC. The Traxxas VXL-3S ESC, made for 1/10 scale R/Cs, is also waterproof.

    Li-Po/Fe Batteries

    I was going to add just a “batteries” section in general, but many people have more questions about Li-Po/Fe batteries than other types, so I’m going to go more into detail about Li-Po/Fe batteries.

    Li-Po Batteries

    What are Li-Po batteries?

    For your information: Li-Po stands for Lithium Polymer, the most dangerous battery in the world (according to YouTube).

    Should I really switch to “the world’s most dangerous battery?”

    Making the switch to Li-Po batteries is a great choice. A decent Li-Po from SPC costs about $20 for your 1/16 model. Li-Po batteries are somewhat inexpensive, give more power, have larger capacities, and are lighter. They need a specific charger (a balance charger) to charge them correctly. I would also recommend getting a Li-Po Sack or other fire-retarding bag in case of a Li-Po explosion that could cause fire.

    What else do I need to know?

    Li-Po battery packs, in addition to charging them correctly, must be discharged correctly, too. Remember to set your ESC to Li-Po battery mode with a low-voltage-cutoff (LVC) which will only allow the R/C 50% throttle when the packs get discharged to a certain point. If you continue to use them, all power will stop for your R/C.

    Li-Po batteries should NOT get hot. If your batteries ever get hot from running or charging, disconnect them from everything and do not use them anymore. If a Li-Po battery gets hot it could easily EXPLODE or catch on FIRE, so don't be messing with the batteries. Do not open a Li-Po battery, expose cells, or try to modify a Li-Po battery. Doing so could damage both the pack and/or the user. Remember to always attend a charging battery.

    What Li-Po battery packs can I run in my Traxxas 1/16 model?

    There are two kinds of Li-Po batteries that you can use in a 1/16 model. There is 2S and 3S. The "S" refers to the number of cells in the Li-Po battery pack. A 2S pack is 7.4v, and a 3S pack is 11.1v. 2S is safer for the ESC, but 3S can be run when using a smaller pinion gear to prevent over heating of the motor and ESC. For a first time Li-Po battery user, I would stick to 2S packs. 3S packs can be tested later on in your 1/16 model. 3S Li-Po battery packs, even when running the included “speed pinion” allow your Traxxas 1/16 model to do standing back flips!!

    Can I run Li-Po batteries in series?

    Li-Po batteries can NOT be run in series on a stock Traxxas 1/16 model. It will damage the ESC, as dual 2S packs, when run in series, equal the voltage of a 4S pack, which the ESC cannot handle.

    Do I need a Li-Po Sack?

    Yes, you do need one for maximum safety. Remember to always use a Li-Po Sack or similar fire-retarding device in case that your Li-Po battery does explode or cause fire. If a Li-Po Sack is subject to an explosion or fire, buy a new one and discard of the old one to safely keep charging your Li-Po batteries.

    Why should I buy these battery packs over Li-Fe battery packs?

    Li-Po battery packs, although they can explode, can give more amperage and can store more mAH, which will give longer run times. Li-Po battery packs give more of a “punch”.

    Li-Fe Batteries

    What are Li-Fe batteries?

    For your information, Li-Fe stands for Lithium Iron, a safer type of lithium battery.

    Do I need a different type of charger to charge Li-Fe batteries?

    Yes.. and no. If you already have a balance charger, then it should be able to charge Li-Fe batteries packs, too. But, if you only have a Ni-MH/CD charger, you are going to need a different charger.

    How well do these packs perform?

    They do not give as much “punch” as Li-Po batteries, but still are better than Ni-Mh/CD batteries.

    Do I need a Li-Po Sack for safety?

    Technically, no, you don’t need a Li-Po Sack for Li-Fe batteries, but USE ONE just in case something really strange happens. Even though it won’t explode (or so they say) it is still made of lithium and could cause problems.

    How many amps can I charge Li-Fe battery packs at?

    Some packs can be charged at 15C, which is around 15 amps for a 1050 mAH Li-Fe packs. See the manufacturer’s suggestions for charging amperage.

    The highest mAH battery that will fit in your 1/16 model is 1050 mAH. This is below the stock capacity and nearly Ĺ as much as the mAH of 2200 mAH Li-Po batteries.

    Why should I get these packs over Li-Po battery packs?

    These Li-Fe packs, even though they do not give as much “punch”, will last up to 3x more cycles than Li-Po battery packs. At an average of 300 cycles (discharge and charge is 1 cycle), Li-Po batteries will last a few years (around 2-4). At 1000 cycles, Li-Fe battery packs will last 5-7 years. This is just about how long a Ni-MH battery pack would last.

    Which type is right for me?

    It all depends on what you want to do with your packs and how safe you want to be. If you are a first-time lithium battery user, go with a Li-Fe battery to start. Once you get the basics of charging and handling these types of battery packs, Li-Po batteries are just the next step up. Li-Po battery packs are really not meant for anybody under 16 years old. They are meant for advance users who know what they are doing and how to handle these battery packs.

    If you want longer run times, go with Li-Po. If you want more safety, go with Li-Fe. If you want to charge faster, go with Li-Fe. If you want more “punch”, then go with Li-Po battery packs.

    Have fun and remember to be careful and safe with both of these types of battery packs.

    Big Block

    Many people decide to “big block” their 1/16 models, or put in a 1/10 scale motor with a different ESC for more power. Many of us will recommend using the 550 motor mount that comes with the brushed Summit VXL 1/16 because it has a gear cover, which will protect the gears better than the Tenbol one. The Tenbol big block motor mount is more expensive, too.

    How do these motor mounts help me?

    Each of these mounts will allow the user to fit up to a 550 or 1/10 scale motor on the chassis of a Traxxas 1/16 model. One good feature of the Traxxas 550 motor mount is that it does not require any cutting of the receiver box to fit in a larger motor; the Tenbol one requires you to cut the receiver box (or take the receiver box right off) to fit in a larger motor. The Traxxas mount may require cutting the receiver case if certain gears are used, just FYI.

    What kind of motor should I use?

    The best options for this are 4600 and 5700 Kv motors. Anything lower will have too much power, therefore extremely over-powering you 1/16 model. The Sidewinder SV2 and the Mamba Max Pro (both made by Castle Creations) are two of the most used ESCs for big-blocking. Paired with a 5700 or 4600 Kv motor, these will really power up your 1/16 model to high speeds.

    What gearing should I use?

    31/50 with a 5700 Kv motor is a good gearing for 2S. You can probably go a little higher with a 4600 Kv motor.

    Terrain may also play a role in determining gearing for your 1/16 model.

    What else do I need to know?

    Remember that putting in an after-market part (such as a motor or ESC) on your Traxxas 1/16 model may or may not make it not waterproof anymore.
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    Which charger should I buy?

    There are MANY battery chargers out there on the market now. Many of us will recommend the Thunder AC6 charger (which is ONLY AC, not DC) and the Hyperion EOS0606i Charger. These two chargers are very good and will treat your battery packs correctly. Do not attempt to use a Ni-MH/CD charger to charge Li-Po batteries.

    How many amps should I charge my battery packs at?

    Do not charge at a higher amperage than recommended. Most Li-Po batteries can be charged at 1C or 2C at the most. The "C" is the rating of amperage based on the capacity of the pack. If you charge a 2200 mAH battery pack at 1C, you will charge the battery pack at 2.2 amps; 2C would be 4.4 amps. However, some chargers can only provide so many amps.

    What amperage should I charge my stock batteries at?

    Normally, Ni-MH batteries should be charged at 1C, but the stock Traxxas batteries can be charged at 2 amps, which is a little bit less than 2C. Warning: charging a stock 1200 mAH Traxxas 1/16 battery at 2 amps or higher may cause it to swell. I have had this happen.

    I have Li-Fe batteries and want to charge fast. Which charger should I get?

    I would recommend getting the Hyperion EOS0720iNET3 charger, which is AC/DC and can charge at 20 amps on AC.

    Are there any other precautions?

    Remember to always set your charger to the correct amperage and setting for the type of battery pack that you are going to be charging. Do not charge any pack at a higher rating than recommended, especially Li-Po battery packs.


    There have been many, many questions about gearing. The stock gearing is meant for the stock Ni-MH 1200 mAH battery and 2S Li-Po battery packs The included “speed pinion”, which is a 23-tooth pinion gear, is meant for use with 3S Li-Po battery packs and when running dual Ni-MH battery packs in series.

    What is my Traxxas 1/16 model’s stock gearing?

    Both the E-Revo VXL and the Slash VXL have 28/50 gearing stock. 23/50 gearing is for dual Ni-MH batteries when ran in series, or 3S Li-Po batteries. An even lower gear than 23 is sometimes recommended when running 3S Li-Po battery packs.

    Even with the included “speed pinion” installed, your 1/16 VXL model will be able to do standing back flips!!

    What does the gearing do, anyways?

    A lower gearing will decrease motor and ESC temperatures, give longer run times, but will give lower speeds. A higher gearing will increase motor and ESC temperatures, give shorter run times, and also give higher speeds. People also use smaller pinion gears to run larger, heavier tires. Also remember to always set your gear mesh correctly, so that the gears can move freely and the car will run smoothly.

    How should I set my gear mesh?

    A good way to set your gearing is to do what the manual says and slide a piece of paper between the two gears, then tighten the screw to keep the gears in place, and then take out the piece of paper. This is a good way to set the gear mesh.

    Here is the chart that I made on paint to help you all understand the gearing more:

    After-Market Parts


    1. Bodies
    2. Knuckles
    3. Shocks
    4. Tires
    5. Fans
    6. A-Arms


    Many of us have found out that there aren't really many bodies out there on the market for our 1/16 models. I will try to find and list as many as I can here. Remember that many of the 1/16 models may be able to use another model's body.

    1/16 E-Revo VXL:

    1/16 Slash VXL:

    1/16 Summit VXL:










    Manufacturers to avoid:

    1. Integy

    Actually, this is the only manufacturer (so far) that I have heard bad things about.


    Many people want to accomplish higher speeds on their 1/16 model. Here’s some information to go faster than stock and reach some much higher speeds!! First, you’re going to need a bigger motor.

    What motor should I use?

    Get a Castle Creations 4600 or 5700 Kv motor and a 3S Li-Po battery if you get the 4600 Kv motor, and a 2S Li-Po battery if you get the 5700 Kv motor.

    How do I mount this huge motor?

    Mount the motor with a Tenbol Big Block Motor Mount or the Traxxas mount. These were both mentioned earlier in the “Big Block” section of this thread.

    What tires should I run?

    If you want the fastest speed, you’re going to need the absolute lightest tires. I recommend using foam tires, like these:

    What ESC should I use?

    Use a Castle Creations ESC like the Mamba Max Pro or the Sidewinder SV2. Both of these are not waterproof, remember. These ESCs can be mounted with Velcro, or using a small piece of material to slide into the little spots that the stock ESC does. Secure the piece of material with a few screws that can be held into the heat sink of the ESC.

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    All of the Traxxas 1/16 models (so far) can be converted into one or the other. It is actually quite simple, as only a few things differ from car to car.

    All the Traxxas 1/16 models (so far) have the same:

    - turnbuckles
    - a-arms
    - chassis
    - receiver box
    - part positioning on chassis
    - motor mount (brushless)
    - battery compartments
    - rockers

    Because of this, it is easy to convert Traxxas 1/16 models. Many people have done it. I have (so far) never tried it before, but only about 8 parts will have to be changed, depending on what you are converting from and to.

    Body Clips

    I know that this is not exactly the most extensive topic to create a whole other section on, but many people are asking how to keep their clips on, how to not lose them, etc.

    All Traxxas 1/16 models (so far) come with regular body clips on the stock model. To not lose these clips, use some of those Dubro Body Clip Retainers. They are great!! You simply drill a whole in the cover and poke in the middle part of the retainer. It is quite a pain to get that little rubber part in the whole, but once itís in there, youíre good and you wonít be losing clips as much.

    What about those 90ļ body clips?

    Traxxas also makes 90ļ body clips. I do not recommend using these clips if you are doing jumps. The way that they are shaped makes them cling to the ground and get pulled off easily. They break and deform quite easily, too.


    At some point, you may eventually break off a wire on your 1/16 model from the ESC, batteries, or other electronic part. It is an easy fix, if you have a soldering iron. If you donít, I highly recommend getting one for this hobby.

    Can I use the soldering iron for other than soldering?

    You can use the soldering iron in different ways other to solder, too. I used mine and burnt holes in my tires to allow the water to escape. It worked very well and all of the water came out.

    What is flux?

    Flux is used to clean the points of where you are soldering.

    What solder should I buy?

    I bought lead-free solder because you can easily get sick from lead. For a first-times solderer, I would recommend you to use lead-free soldering, even though Iíve heard that it wonít melt as easily, it is much safer.

    How do I solder, anyways?

    You solder by holding the two parts that you are going to be soldering together, as well as some solder it self. Put the three parts together at once and the soldering iron will melt them together when applied. It is quite simple and just takes a little practice.

    What wattage soldering iron should I get?

    Get one that is 40 watts or higher. Although that it will get hotter than a 20 watt soldering iron, it melts parts much easier. A 20 watt soldering iron will NOT work to burn holes in the tires.

    Other information:

    The whole metal part of a soldering iron gets VERY, VERY HOT!! Do NOT touch it, as you will get burned.

    This is the best soldering guide that I have found so far:

    Evgen has created a nice soldering guide for soldering a Traxxas connector:

    Slipper Clutch

    All of the 1/16 models (so far) have a slipper clutch. The only way that you can adjust it is to take out the receiver box and receiver, and maybe even the motor if needed.

    Too loose: slipping (high-pitched noise), slow acceleration; not many wheelies

    Too tight: lots of wheelies, fast acceleration, high temperatures; does not slip

    To tighten: turn clockwise (turn right)

    To loosen: turn counter-clockwise (turn left)

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    Servos are the little parts that turn the wheels on your vehicle. Currently, all of the 1/16 models come stock with one servo, but another can be added because of the extra space left on the chassis for another servo.

    Other than stock, there are different servos that you can use such as these:

    Ko-Propo PDS-3101 ICS

    ******* TGY-390DMH

    Evgen (yes, Evgen again) has created a nice review and comparison of these two servos:

    Hereís the video, too:

    Corner Shimming

    These pictures are not mine. I found this site:

    and used the information here.

    What is corner shimming?

    Corner shimming is using shims to reduce the play between the knuckles (axle carriers) and the wheels. The shims will be placed between the hub and the axle pin.

    Use thin plastic shims:

    Assemble the hub, but put the shim on before the bearing:

    Now there should not be a gap there any more:

    Other Information

    Many Traxxas models are waterproof. This is a very great feature. However, you must maintain your model well and do after-run procedures to keep your model running smoothing and operating correctly. Always spray WD-40 or a similar light water-displacing oil on the bearings, drive train, and fasteners after running in water, snow, etc. This will prevent corrosion of these parts because they could eventually corrode. Also remember to open up the receiver box to let in air out. I have had water seep inside my receiver box and it causes all kinds of problems.

    Before running in water, make holes in the tires to allow water to escape. A 40 watt soldering iron works very well to burn holes in the tires!!

    Many of the Traxxas 1/16 models share the same parts!! The Summit VXL, Rally VXL, Slash VXL, and E-Revo VXL have 99% of the same parts used on them!!

    Traxxas support is awesome!! It is the best support system that I have ever seen. Call Traxxas at 1-888-TRAXXAS if you have a problem with your model, or contact us here on the forums!!


    This is (finally) the end. I have updated this thread to make it have the correct information. I have put lots of work into this and am happy that I finally got it out onto the forums for people to view. I hope that all of this information has been helpful to all of you!!

    Thank you for reading and have fun with your Traxxas 1/16 model.

    Also, a big thanks to the user ArmyofDarkness, whose FAQ+Tutorials posts helped me out in making my own, and Dadx2mj for more information of what really went wrong on the last FAQ+Tutorials post that I created.



    Some of the 1/16 models like the Fiesta and brushed 1/16 Summit have a smaller receiver box, which allows for a larger motor (like a 550 sized can) to fit on the chassis and require no cutting of the receiver box.

    Gear Flipping

    Gear flipping is used to increase torque and create less speed for those who want to crawl a little better with their Traxxas 1/16 model.

    Here's a nice picture:

    From this thread:



    And, here's some more information on the gear flipping:

    Quote Originally Posted by noir 522 View Post
    Finally did the tranny flip. Great torque - I was literally climbing up the walls with one front tire. The truck is MUCH louder. Stomping the gas will make it screech like crazy. If my full size 1/10 summit didnt make the same noise in low gear I would be concerned, its really howls. Slow crawling as expected is great, And speed appears to be about halved, maybe a lil less. I was running a 2s lipo and at nearly full speed I estimate it was near 18mph, but with my newly broken front bulkhead it started to wobble just before full speed. But yea the torque will have you climbing the walls with ease. (locked diffs). As a daily basher I would not recommend it - it really is slow and whiny. But for a trail/crawler build it makes a world of difference. It is also very quick, If I had my slipper tighter I could have done a back flip - as it is I can still pull a wheelie.

    Pros -
    - much more torque with take off (for climbing or wheelies)
    - great control with rock crawling.
    - with locked diffs it makes the truck feels much more powerfull and nearly unstoppable, with better tires I could climb the world.

    Cons -
    - much much slower - my eyes could actually follow the truck instead of seeing a red blur.
    - unless you plan on running 3s- 4s lipos you bashers will not like the speed at all.
    - My sons truck in training mode is faster (im gonna have to use 4s to beat him).
    - parts breakage with the extra torque - my main drive shaft broke loose while doing another wall crawl manuever - partially due to the broken bulkhead.

    Did I mention that its loud.
    Note #2:

    Traxxas 1/16 model owners have the option to not use body clips at all and instead stick velcro to the sides of the battery door and the cover of the model.


    You can use an outerwear application on your Traxxas 1/16 model with not modifications. Outerwear shrouds protect the electronics on the chassis. They are used many times for mudding and running in dust.

    1/16 Outerwear

    Outerwears Racing

    What it looks like:

    ^ That is for the 1/10 E-Revo, but you get the idea of what it looks like.

    Here's one on a Summit:

    Want something a little different? Maybe you can try this on a 1/16 model:

    From This Thread

    Pivot Ball Fixes

    There are two ways that you can stop the pivot balls from popping out of the axles.

    Information from This Post

    1. Plumber's tape, apply it to the pivot ball screws:

    2. Grub screw, drill a small hole on the side of the a-arm(s) and screw in a grub screw until it contacts with the pivot ball screw. This should hold it in place longer.

    ^These (Pivot Ball Fixes) are noir 522's ideas (he PM'd me).

    Li-Po/Fe Battery List for 1/16 Models

    Posted by pkhjr (updated by me):

    Tenergy 2s 1800 mah 30c
    Blue Lipo 3s 1800 mah 25c
    Kypom 3s 1500 mah 30c
    Venom 2s 2000 mah
    Venom 3s 1300 mah 20c
    SPC 2s 2300 mah
    SPC 3s 1600 mah
    Integy 3s 1800 mah 35c
    Integy 2s 1800 mah 25c
    Boost 2s 2450 mah 45c
    Boost 3s 1800 mah 50c
    Thunder Power G4 2s 1750 mah
    Thunder Power G4 3s 1250 mah
    Protek 2s 1600 mah
    Maxamps 3s 1050 mah LiFe
    Maxamps 2s 1850 mah
    Maxamps 2s 2200 mah
    Maxamps 3s 1850 mah
    Maxamps 2s 1050 mah LiFe
    Lightmax 3s 1500 mah 20c
    SKY Li-Po 2s 2200 mah 40c

    Creative Ways To Mount Switches

    There are a few ways that you can mount a switch from an after-market ESC to your Traxxas 1/16 model.

    One way is to screw it onto the servo:


    Here's another way closer to the back of the truck:


    The switch can also go into the battery compartment (if you don't use that compartment):


    Or, you can just leave it amongst the wires:


    See, there are many different ways that you can mount the switch.

    Idea for this added from a PM by: well spoken waffles.


    List Of Heat Sinks and Fans

    I recently got a PM to put a list of heat sinks and fans here in my FAQ from MERVracer. A lot of these heat sinks and fans are the same thing, but in different colors and styles. Some of these products are heat sinks and fans, so I put those into both categories.

    Heat Sinks:


    Velcro Instead of Body Pins

    I forgot to do this from a while back when other people were posting in this thread, so here it is.

    Because some of the 1/16 bodies overlap the battery doors, Velcro can be used to hold on the body instead of body pins. It's very easy to do. Velcro can be placed on the sides of the battery doors and the body itself. Then, when you put the body on, the Velcro fits together and holds the body on.

    You can see the velcro on the battery doors here:



    This picture is really coming in handy, RC-Fan!!



    No body pins to loose or break.

    Easy to install and use.

    If you don't like it, the Velcro can be easily removed.


    In a rollover, excessive stress will be put on the battery doors.

    Battery doors could break from this extra stress.

    Depending on the level of stickiness of the Velcro that you use, it may be hard to get the body off.

    It also may be hard to get the body on, as you have to pull out the sides of the body to fit it over the Velcro, then let in go and it will snap into place on the other Velcro part.

    Some 1/16 models do not have a body that is compatible with this, like the 1/16 Summit, so this cannot be done on the model(s).

    Can't remember whose idea this was... sorry about that.


    Wobbling Issues

    There are a few issues that happen with tires wobbling.

    Why It May Happen:

    1. There is water in you tires. Drain them out by making holes in them.

    2. The tires are not balanced. Balance them with a balancer.

    3. Pillow balls are not screwed in properly. Screw in pillow balls properly ().

    4. Axles have developed some "play". Add shims (corner shimming).

    And, for more information, check out the thread called:

    Tire wobble issue.

    Nobody asked, just figured I'd add it in here .

    How To Tape Tires

    Taping (AKA strapping) tires refers to adding tape to the inside of tires to stop ballooning from happening. Not ALL ballooning will stop, but a great amount of it will be reduced.

    First, a video:

    Now, instructions taken from this thread.

    1. Take off the tires from the rims.

    2. Turn the tire inside-out.

    3. Put two wraps of duck tape around the tire in the inside.

    4. Re-glue the tire(s) back on to the rim(s).

    Your tires are taped!! Now, ballooning will be reduced greatly!!

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    There you go, I cleaned the thread up. From this point on, let's try to make every post here related to the FAQ. If anyone has any questions, I'd post a new thread. It won't be stickied, but anyone who is looking for the information contained within this thread will be able to easily find it via the search function.
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    Which Traxxas 1/16 Model Is Right For Me?

    Lots of people have trouble deciding which Traxxas 1/16 model is right for them. They all are fun, fast, and waterproof, what's not to like in each one? In fact, the slightest differences in a model is what makes each unique and better for one terrain than another.

    Here's a terrain and truck chart:

    Note: Rally can refer to any of the 1/16 on-road cars, like the Mustang.

    If you're looking to go off road all the time and bashing on rough terrain, get the 1/16 Summit. If you don't know if you want to drive either on or off-road, get the 1/16 E-Revo VXL for both on-road and off-road bashing. If you want all on-road and the most aerodynamic and speedy model, get the 1/16 Rally VXL.

    All of the Traxxas 1/16 models are great and you'll be happy with whichever one that you decide to pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by E-RevoVXL View Post

    All of the Traxxas 1/16 models (so far) can be converted into one or the other. It is actually quite simple, as only a few things differ from car to car.

    All the Traxxas 1/16 models (so far) have the same:

    - turnbuckles
    - a-arms
    - chassis
    - receiver box
    - part positioning on chassis
    - motor mount (brushless)
    - battery compartments
    - rockers

    Because of this, it is easy to convert Traxxas 1/16 models. Many people have done it. I have (so far) never tried it before, but only about 8 parts will have to be changed, depending on what you are converting from and to.
    Hi, I know I'm new, and thanks for the thread. I have a Slash VXL and am about to convert it to a Summit VXL so have done some research into this.

    Front A-Arms - MERV & Summit are the same, Slash and Rally are the same (ie shorter than MERV/Summit)
    Rear A-Arms - Summit's wheels are set further back to give a longer wheelbase than the MERV. Both are wider than the Slash/Rally
    Rockers - MERV/Slash/Rally all come with progressive rockers, Summit has Long Travel Rockers
    Pushrods are longer on the MERV/Summit, but can't remember about the toe links.

    Hope this helps.

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    Also lets not forget for those of you that would like to do the Big Block conversion here is the part numbers:

    TRX7360 550 motor mount
    TRX7379 gear cover 550 motor
    TRX7380 550 motor plate
    TRX7024X receiver box


    TRX7360 550 motor mount
    TRX7379 gear cover 550 motor
    TRX7380 550 motor plate


    Big Block Kit

    the radio receiver box is optional to those of you that like to do your own projects and have a little time to spare, you can easily cut down or shave the stock receiver box until the motor fits, then tape it to provide a surface and seal it with liquid tape to keep water out.
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    I have a heatsink to add, it's the Align K10175A for 450 sized helicopter motors; you will need two of them to cover the whole length of the stock venilion motor. Got mine on ebay but you can type it into google and find a bunch of online stores. I have been very happy with them. They are anodized gold, have a lot of surface area, and are a nice snug fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddomak View Post
    Hi, I know I'm new, and thanks for the thread. I have a Slash VXL and am about to convert it to a Summit VXL so have done some research into this.

    Front A-Arms - MERV & Summit are the same, Slash and Rally are the same (ie shorter than MERV/Summit)
    Rear A-Arms - Summit's wheels are set further back to give a longer wheelbase than the MERV. Both are wider than the Slash/Rally
    Rockers - MERV/Slash/Rally all come with progressive rockers, Summit has Long Travel Rockers
    Pushrods are longer on the MERV/Summit, but can't remember about the toe links.

    Hope this helps.
    Thank you for clearing that up. I just noticed that that section is wrong. The a-arms and rockers aren't the same on ALL of the 1/16 models!! GAAH!!

    Soldering a Traxxas Connector

    This is just a quick blurb about what a soldered on Traxxas connector should really look like on your ESC or other electronic device.

    Traxxas connectors are a little tricky to solder on. Evgen created that video (somewhere in this thread, also), that showed us how to solder one on to a battery. I recently tried to solder on a connector to an ESC, and it came out terribly wrong.

    It should not look like this with the solder visible outside of the casing:

    It should look like this with the solder not visible outside the casing:

    (Yes, I know that that picture is of a connector for a charger, but it's the same connector as the stock ESC has).

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    sooooo.... quite a fe wof these pictures and all the links to stuff from the toyz, are no longer valid?

    also, i thought we were no longer allowed to post links to outside stores?

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    On a thread like this pictures should have been hosted on the posters' picture site.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    So we pop this guys 6 month old post up just to knock/ berate it? Since we know its from the toyz it would be simple just to jump on their website and just browse. Also this post was made before the new anti-link rule was in place. But yea - I agree, I hate seeing blank pictures also.
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    My post was not made to knock or berate anything.
    My intention was simply to give a suggestion for next time.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    no, i reviewed this thread due to another thread that a user posted of the same info, this thread was linked....
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    Actually, my Google account got messed up, and it had my Picasa pictures on it, that's where those dead pictures came from. I would've probably posted an updated version.. but my Picasa went down, and then that new no-links rule came up, so I couldn't do anything with it.


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