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    Cool Would a hpi Firebolt 15T Motor (540 Size) work in a rustler

    my titan 550 12t just stopped working and i was reading reviews and the Firebolt 15T sounds like a good motor but will it work?

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    Its a 540 size motor so its going to need to be geared SUPER low to prevent it overheating. I would say its not a great motor for a rustler.

    A better choice if you want to replace your titan is an Electrifly S-600. They only cost $16 and can be geared a bit taller than a stock titan but will give you pretty much the same performance without the overheating or pre-mature death. They do tend to last a long time. I have 3 of them running around me (2 of my own and one in my cousins truck) and they all work excellent.

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    When I bought my Firestorm brand new it came bundled with the Firebolt 15t motor.
    I used it for less than 5 minutes before ripping it out and getting rid of it.
    Imo it's a very poor motor with useless torque.
    On a 2s battery I was getting not much more than ~20mph out of it.

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