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Thread: Battery help

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    Battery help

    I have a couple of the stockie traxxas nimh packs and a pair of duratrax 1600 nimh. I was thinking of picking up some lipos. Any preferences? I have an onyx 235 so I can charge any suggestions. Ive got both connectors already and some more gearing options on the way.
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    SPC seems to have new ones coming. Maybe it's worth to wait for those. There are a few topics about the possibilities.
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    Here is the full Li-Po/Fe battery list for Traxxas 1/16 models from my 1/16 FAQ:

    Li-Po/Fe Battery List for 1/16 Models

    Posted by pkhjr (updated by me):

    Tenergy 2s 1800 mah 30c
    Blue Lipo 3s 1800 mah 25c
    Kypom 3s 1500 mah 30c
    Venom 2s 2000 mah
    Venom 3s 1300 mah 20c
    SPC 2s 2300 mah
    SPC 3s 1600 mah
    Integy 3s 1800 mah 35c
    Integy 2s 1800 mah 25c
    Boost 2s 2450 mah 45c
    Boost 3s 1800 mah 50c
    Thunder Power G4 2s 1750 mah
    Thunder Power G4 3s 1250 mah
    Protek 2s 1600 mah
    Maxamps 3s 1050 mah LiFe
    Maxamps 2s 1850 mah
    Maxamps 2s 2200 mah
    Maxamps 3s 1850 mah
    Maxamps 2s 1050 mah LiFe
    Lightmax 3s 1500 mah 20c
    SKY Li-Po 2s 2200 mah 40c

    Lots and lots of people like SPC batteries, which can be found on SPC's Battery Page. These batteries last a long time (about 300 cycles) and are cheaper than most Ni-MH batteries at about $15-$20. MaxAmps packs are way over-priced, and (just a heads up) the website that ******* packs come from is banned on these forums, as they make knock-off products of other good products for Traxxas models.

    For gearing (approximate gearings):

    Li-Po 3S (11.1v)= 23/50

    Li-Po 2S (7.4v)= stock

    Li-Fe 2S (6.6v)= stock

    Li-Fe 3S (9.9v)= a little bit lower than stock

    Just remember to charge Li-Po battery packs safely and securely in a Li-Po Sack (or similar device). Instead of writing a large write-up about Li-Po batteries, I'll refer you to this post, which, after the ESC section, explains Li-Po and Li-Fe batteries more.

    Have fun!!

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    Hyperion 1600mah 3 cell 25c's will fit as well.

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    ***** 2s 2200 40c fit also

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    I would go with *****/********* 2200mah 2s 40c. i have 4 and they all work very well!
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