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    I have a few Questions...New to RC's Period

    So i am getting the Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta Edition and I know out of the box it goes 30mp and you add the extra battery and pinon and it goes 50 mph. Question is....

    1. How long do the standard batteries last, if i have two stock batteries in Series formation?

    2. Can I use different battery that have a longer life then the stock batteries?

    On a different subject..

    1. What are some performance parts that are on a MUST NEEDED basis for this RC?

    Thanks I really appreciate any help.

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    well 2 stock batteries in series will probably get you about 5 to 8 minutes of run time.
    for significantly longer run times get some 2S 2200MAH Lipo batteries (I get about 20 minutes on 1 pack)
    As for must have performance parts...
    I'd say nothing until you wear parts out then Knuckles/Axel carriers, shocks, steel hollow balls, etc.
    There's lots of upgrade part threads in the Rally VXL forum too (Same car different bodies).

    Hope that helps some.

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    I would run 2 batteries with a parallel connector instead of the series connector. People have had overheating their motors and ESC's with the series connector.

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    Hey guys, Dude You need to change out the pinion if you run your batteries in Series, I would use a single LIPO 2s2200mah is awesome buy two charge both put one in your pocket when one dies pull out the other. I drive my KB like i own it and i broke more parts axle carriers etc using two batteries cause the over all design is for one. I know it has two bays but the weight of oil etc in the shocks and diff are set for 1 battery. I would just do as i said buy two venoms comes with kick *** stickers, the batteries are 25 dollars a peice and venom wall chargers are like 25 dollars out the door. If you want buy a charger that can do both LIPO and stock batteries i know they save time and space. I hope this helps. AGAIN YOU WILL FRY YOUR **** WITH SERIES CONNECTORS without changing the PINiON. TBH unless you want to replace parts constantly i would just run it like it is, i drift alllllllllllllllll day with it stock.
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