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    Traxxas Villian- Brushless Section

    I think we need a Brushless section so that anyone who wants to travel down the road of a super fast villian... just an Idea any thoughts

    maybe we can make it a sticky and only post essential pics of your build and one or 2 of your best running vids to show off your work

    what do you guys think???
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    Sound good but I think we are satisfied with the picture and vide0-selection as it is. Villain is not that big so we do keep track of each other, donīt we?
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    It would be nice to have a Sticky with a How-To for a brushless Villain, but Powerhouse has a point...there's only a few of us on here and I think most of us have read through each others upgrade guides. You should bring up the idea to a Moderator (they control the Sticky's right?)

    It would be a nice addition for any new Villain owners, and easily accessible for the rest of us.
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    While the idea sounds good on paper, stickied threads (more often than not) don't get read. I once created a FAQ for this forum and stuck it to the top, but it didn't really do much good at all; few people took the time to read it and simply asked their questions anyway. In the end, stickied threads just clutter up the top of the forum.

    Good thought, though!
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    I can't access my old account anymore, but here's my build if anyone is interested in doing one:

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