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    Wheels/Tires for Slash 2WD

    Just bought a used Slash 2WD and need new tires, maybe wheels and tires for it. Thought I'd ask what people recommend for off-road bashing. Has Mamba Max/5700kV CM36s motor/ESC. Haven't run it yet, since I need to replace front bulkhead and install receiver for Flysky FS-GT3B, not to mention the used tires it came with stink.

    The wheels it came with are just a very worn set of Alias tires on silver chrome 2.8" wheels, like what came on my XL-5 Rusty NIB. Glue on bead still holding, but rubber cracking on sidewall and very little tread left on rear wheels.

    Not sure if I want to go thru trouble of removing old Alias tires and reusing the 2.8" wheels or buy new 2.2"/3.0" Slash wheels. What is difference between front and rear wheels listed in parts list or aftermarket sites?

    Anyway, thinking about Proline Trenchers M2... but in 2.8" or 2.2/3.0"?

    Can't wait to get it up and runnin...
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    The offsets are different so that the end result is an equal track width front and back. I've heard that the Trenchers are good but I'd also consider the new Gladiators. They look pretty grippy.
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    Id reccomend the trenchers and split six weels they are verry grippy off road but they do wear out faster on road. hope this helped

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