I ordered this motor a few weeks ago because of a crash that I had with my CC SCT system and it was damaged. The Tacon is a little larger than the 1410 but it doesn't seem to have the power that the 1410 had. I am running it using a CC Sv2. I ran it in the house a little bit and the Sv2 got warm quickly. I let it cool and outside we went after i put a fan on the ESC. On my first trip outside using 32p gearing 56/14 the pinch was set a little tight (maybe why the Sv2 got hot in the house?). It ran good the slipper was a little loose so no wheelies yet but the front wheels did carry a little bit. After one pack the motor was warm to the touch but not very. Seems to be a decent motor especially for the price. I am using Gens Ace 4000mah 30c 2s batteries for the power. And soft compund Trenchers for the grip and there is lots of it. So far so good. I will have to wait till tuesday to see how it does at the track. The reason for the 32p gearing change the Tacon runs a 5mm shaft.

For trying to do this the cheap way I would have been better off just ordering another SCT system. All said and done.....

$67.00 for the Sv2
$35.00 for the Tacon
$25.00 for 3pcs. 12-14 32p pinions
$3.00 ea. Jato spur gears 54-56-58
Total = $136

New CC SCT = $98.00