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    Slash rishless battery question

    Not sure where to post this...
    but it is for 2 slash trucks with velineon sustems and I have questions about the battery charging
    I have 2 - 5250mah, 60C 2s packs
    they charged on an onyx 230 (does lipo) charger
    setting charge to 5amp (knowing it can charge at 1C rate of 5.2
    auto shut off on charger at 124 minutes.
    1 pack charged 40 minutes and showed only 2500mah

    the other charged 85 minutes and showed about 5000 MaH.

    This is the charge the Onyx recorded as "supplying"

    they were both discharged to about 3.2 MaH (just a tad higher than 3.2)

    anyhow...shouldn't they have both charged the same amount? time and total?
    does the onyx read only input? and if so when it stops before the time alotted for charge does it just sense that the battery was full?

    1 pack shows 1 cell at 4.2 V and the other at 4.21V
    the other pack shows 4.21 and 4.19

    is that acceptable levels?

    Thanks in advance
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    Accepting requests for bashing at GREENWOOD BASHPLEX in Pittsburgh PA!! Check the thread in the track buddy forum and reply there or pm
    Did you call the manufacturer?
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    Put them in truck, go drive, does it last 30-40 minutes?

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    Please contact the manufacturer for aftermarket item SUPPORT.
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