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    Unhappy Help! ESC Melted

    Dear Readers,

    I was driving my E-Maxx Brushless edition on a sandtrack here in the Netherlands, when suddenly alot of smoke came from under the hood.

    So i ran too the truck and saw that my ESC had melted.
    Afther unplugging my Lipos i took everthing home too investegate.
    I noticed that my one of my Lipos(this lipo allways worked on my other cars) had died = 0.0volt, and the other one was just fine!
    Afther carefully trying to see what wrong with the ESC i plug in another lipo and pulled it off a second later since the ESC gave huge lightning.

    So what can i do now? Im kinda bummed since i had too save long for the truck.. (its $ 930,- new over here in the Netherlands, i bought a usted one (for $600,-) witch looked as new.)

    2 Lipos in Series giving 6s total.
    20/68 gearing.
    Full Stock (except for the upgrade drivelines).
    Mamba Monster version: 1.32

    I hope that this isn't the quality that traxxas will provide without some guarantee work.

    A new mamba monster combo costes about $420,- so i don't want to buy that especially becauses who can tell me it wont happen again!

    Thanks for reading,
    Kindly Regards,
    Peter vd Berg

    sidenote: I'm from Holland so my typing might not be as good as i want it to be. Al the prices have been calculated from € to $.
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