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Thread: cvd question

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    cvd question

    I was going to pick up the traxxas steel cvd set but Ive had problems with them popin out on my revo 3.3. Anyone have this issue on the merv? Anyone run the extended a arms with the cvds? Would like to know before I parted with the scratch.
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    The extended wheelbase arms and Traxxas CVD's do not get along.

    If you hop over to the 1/16 Summit section, you will see that they have "pop-out" issues until switching to, at minimum, MERV arms. Most have also switched to MERV rockers to get the popping to stop.
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    don't run them with the summit/extended rear arms or the summit long travel rocker arms

    i have seen some extreme cases where people pop them out with merv arms, but usually due to people not properly tightening their pillow balls into the a-arms, and having too much room for them to pop out. i run my pillow balls tightened to where they wont bind my knuckles, and then just loosen them enough to adjust for camber and toe

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