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    motor abruptly stops, unplug and plug back in and it runs for awhile.

    I just purchased this boat and it has a Tacon 1700 motor with a SeaKing 180 ESC and I also just purchased new Venom Lipo 3S 5000 35C batteries.
    Initial run seemed to work great but I did submarine it. Ran fine for about 4 minutes after that. Next time out ran the boat and it was acting weird so I brought it in and smoke was coming out of it. Found the collet came loose and was slipping on the cable and got really hot! Tightened it back up and then the boat would only run for about 10-45 seconds before shutting down. When I run it dry, it will run for a couple of seconds then the motor abruptly stops. You can turn the motor by hand so I know its not locked up. The ESC does display a solid red light when this happens. If I unplug and plug the batteries, it resets it and it will run for a little bit longer then lock up.
    So did I get the ESC wet and its action up or is it getting to hot within 30 seconds of running it. I do need to rework the cooling system as just a slow trickle of water is coming out the side at speed. The previous owner did the rudder mod with larger tubing and dual outlets, but I think the wimpy y-connector coming from the rudder is way to restrictive and needs to be replaced with a higher flowing unit.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Could be water damage, depends how wet the inside of the hull got and where the water splashed to- does the esc or motor/ wiring get very warm when you run it dry for a few seconds? I would be careful about running it dry though as there is no load on the motor, so ti will heat up rapidly- runnning it in a bath or with the rear end in a bowl or water-butt would be better..

    Sounds like maybe a new esc might be in order, though check it's settings if you can, might be something simple like the LVC needs adjusting.
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