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    summit suspension setup?

    hi guys, pretty new to the summit/ e revo scene ive recently got a summit and was just wondering what spring setup would be good to give me a decent height (not too high still want a low-ish centre of gravity) and pretty stiff so it doesnt bottom out when landing decent jumps on a flat ground. also wondering what i need to install a sway bar set front and rear ( i know it will greatly reduce its crawling ability) .


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    So I ordered 2 of each type of spring, cause I'm compulsive and silly, then I read the book and saw you can adjust the ride height. twisting the back two 4 rotations, and the front 2 2 rotations gave me a little higher height, which kept me from bottoming out so much and made the ride a little more stiff, which was likeable. I had it more, at 6 and 4, but the **** thing rolled over at every corner.

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    I think a good suspension setup is double orange-striped springs front and back. The orange are stock on the front but you need to get a set for the back. With no preload, they give a pretty soft setup for crawling and such, but if you really crank down the preload they provide a very stiff setup that's good for jumping. If you still want to lower the ground clearance, get smaller/shorter suspension rockers or move the shock pushrod out where it mounts to the a-arm (assuming it's not already on the outermost hole).
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