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    Please tell me if I will lose performance with 11.1volt ,4000 mah,3s1p,venom,1580,20c

    My wife picked up my lipo's for me today and the guy are gal sent her back 125 mile with these for my E-rev,brushless,5608 and the ends will not even mate up if I did decide to use them are should I just bite the bullet and swap them for your recommendations? All replies will be apprceciated.

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    the erevo brushless comes with a mamba monster stock. it will run on 6s lipos so 2 of the batteries you have now.
    however, the battery pack you have is only 20c and i would say thats a bit low, if it was me i would rather have 30 or 40 c pack.
    if the plugs are different then oyu will have to swap them over. remember do only one wire at a time to avoid short circuits and a blaszing sparking fireworks display right infront of your face

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    Amps are a bit light.

    But considering this implies you only have the stock packs now.... then no, you will not "lose performance" by going to 6s lipo.

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    Terrible choice of lipos, you need much more like 30-40c 5000mah; I strongly recommend starting with a matching pair of 2s ( 7.4v ) lipos, then step up to a pair of 3s packs if you can handle the power without the truck flying to bits or constantly crashing or flipping.

    Here is you new extended manual, I recommend taking the time to read it:

    Erevo 101:

    Lipo, LVC, Brushless & Battery charger/charging guides & purchasing links:

    Refer to this to setup the Mamba Monster ( MMM ) esc for maximum performance:

    Refer to this to find parts, upgrades, batts & chargers etc:

    And direct from CastleCreations ( the esc manufacturers ):

    Driver's ED Manual

    LED warning light meanings
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    This is a good start on batts.. Google will help you find dealers.. Crack down rule #11

    Direct Fit...........
    2s Hyperion 5000 mAh 45C Soft
    2s SPC 2s 5200 40C
    2s SPC 2s 6000 30C
    2s SMC 6000 mAh 28c
    2s SMC 8000 mAh 28C Soft Case Lipo
    2s SMC 9000 mAh 28C Soft Case Lipo
    2s team orion carbon 7000 35c
    2s ******* ******** 6000mah 25-50c few layers of duct tape on the top of the pack for a snug fit.
    2s Nosram Fat Cobra hardcase
    2s HiCountryHobbies/Billowy Power 5200 mAh 50c
    2s RC DUDE Power 5000 mah 35c
    2S Sky Lipo 5000 mah 40C -- fit snugly

    2s ******* 30c 5000 mAh soft - Extend Batt Door Out
    2S ******* 5200 mAh 5.2 Hard Case - Trim Batt Door For Wires
    2S ******* 5000 mAh 5.0 Hard Case - Trim Batt Door For Wires
    2s ***** ********* 5000 mAh/30c/hardcase -- remove both L brackets, take L bracket that was at the back of compartment, move screw to closest hole to corner of bracket and attach to where front L bracket was located. Distance should be PERFECT, nice and snug!

    Direct Fit..............
    3s Hyperion 5000 mAh 45C Soft
    3s Max Amps -6000xls
    3s Team Orion Carbon 4700 mAh 45C
    3s Kypom K6 6000 mAh
    3s RC DUDE Power 5000 mAh 35c snug 29mm tall
    3s HiCountryHobbies/Billowy Power 5200 mAh/50c snug 28mm tall
    3s ***** 5000 mAh 30c
    3s *********x 5800 mAh 30c - enlarge hole on battery door

    Mod's...remove retainers & back out or trim screws if they extend into battery compartment
    3s SMC 5500 mAh 28c
    3S SPC 5200 mAh 40C
    3s ******* ******** 6.0 6000 mAh 25-50c
    3s ******* 5000 mAh 30c soft - Minor Mod/Extend Battery Door Out

    4s ******* 4000 mAh 30c - Minor Mod/Extend Battery Door Out (Same size as the ******* 3s 5000mah 30c soft)

    More amps the better, min of 120 amps.

    My batts
    2s 8000mAh X 28c = 224,000 divide 1000 = 224amps
    3s 5200mah x 40c = 208,000 divide 1000 = 208 amps
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    Will It run? Yes. Will if be really fast? Yes. Will the lipos do okay? yes but they will not last as long as stronger lipos. And it wont be quite as fast as it would be with stronger lipos. But it will run

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    Okay thanks to one and all for the replies on my battery dilema.I did not have the insider knowledge to buy any parts for my are my sons cars in the past until today.With that said I have run across a problem never had happen.We race a nitro slayer,slash vxl's and then this mammoth of mine that when I go to plug up the second baterry it arcs pretty bad kinda like when hot shotting a guy when his battery is dead and yours is not. I am powering transmitter first of course and then the batteries and receiver and lastly my cover but It always arcs. I was only able to find a 5400 in place of the 4000.Any suggestions would be great.Again thanks for all the speedy replies from last night.

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    "Mammoth" meaning the E-Revo? The spark is normal and due to the capacitors of the Mamba Monster charging. 2x 3S gives a much bigger spark than 2x 2S. There's not much you can do about it.
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    i know its coming and it scares me every-time lol.
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    That's why I like my EC5 connectors- the spark stays inside the blue plastic housing as the metal bullets touch ( I'm kinda weary of electricity & sparks )...
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