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    Stock Tires and Steering Servo noise...


    The stock tires on our new Summit gives the impression of being "sticky" is that normal?
    Is there a better set of tires then the stock tires the Summit comes with that can be recommended for driving in hot weather on dry and wet grounds/soils.
    We noticed that the stock tires appears "sticky" and shinning and that wet earth sticks to the tires so the treads disappears.

    As mentioned in other thread we are new to Traxxas and the Summit, so one more question this one is related to the steering servos.

    After power on, the steering servos makes a low noise, if we left the Summit then the noise goes away. Its like clicking/ticking...??

    Cheers Steen

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    The sticky goes away eventually.
    Mine no longer have that tacky feeling.

    The servo noise is the servos fighting each other to the death. If you flip your Summit over you will see that the rods going from the servo horn to the servo saver are adjustable. These need to be adjusted to get the fight out or one or both of the servos will die.
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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    The servo noise is normal and it will always happen. What I do is just touch the steering wheel a tad, that usually helps "center" both servos, and the noise goes away - the noise is just the two steering servos mildly fighting with each other.

    As for the dirty tires, it's a trade off. This is more of a crawler/climber that can go fast, so you WANT sticky tires. The tire tread will not "move" out of the way, the way that dirt will when climbing, so it's not a big issue it only matters when you go from mud to pavement and there is a big dirt trail behind it haha! All RC cars suffer from dirt sticking to the wheels though, it's just part and parcel.

    Good job on the truck though, looks great and welcome to the friendly Traxxas community!



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    ^^ Three minutes that is...

    Anyway, Proline Trenchers are very good in loose dirt according to those who got them, if you eventually want to get some new tires.
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    Hi jimmie:
    Again thanks! Its really nice to be "member" here!
    I'll try to do a small "adjustment"...

    Hi krallopian:
    Yes, we done the same or we lift up the summit, but I will also see if as jimmie suggest an adjustment could be needed...
    I see - yes - you are right when driving or rather crawling and going thru mud then a sort of sticky tire can/will be good.
    I just wanted the mud to go off when not driving in the mud and I felt that could be a reason to no going too "fast" thru the mud holes we used.
    The big trail came in the car (wife killed me, she had just washed the car LoL) and in the elevator - oops forgot to clean!
    Next time we will carry a BIG bucket of clean water with us to do a pre cleaning...Shoud have taken a picture of al the mud we washed out...
    Well, we had a smashing time - just too bad the suspension arm broke, maybe we can clue so we can use until the replace menus arrives in 10 or so days ;o)

    Hi snowslider:
    Thanks will take a look!!
    Summit with new ESC

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