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Thread: traxxas models

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    Question traxxas models

    i like the e revo and i and i want to know what i should do is the e revo very reliable and will i have to spend a lot on parts if so what model do you guys reccomend thanks

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    Don't hit stuff and don't run 6s if you get the brushless and you should be fine. I've run my pretty hard on 14 cells of nimh with a novak brushless and never broke a thing. Haven't gotten a lipo for it to see what that does, it's in the snail mail.

    If ya want another suggestion. I'd say go for a slash. I beat the living daylights out of mine and have yet to break an a arm. I have broken a bulk head, a chassis and some bearing carriers though. The bulkhead and an axle carrier were from a head on hit at 40+ with an aluminum stampede and the rear carriers liked to randomly split on speed runs with my 5800kv brushless that was in there at the time. I have no idea why the chassis broke. I was running in the street and the back end became a trailer.

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