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    Exclamation 1/16 e-revo fried servo

    Hey. I just bought the e-revo , maybe had about 10 runs. runs great btw. I have the brushed version, its just what I need to tour around the backyard. So I was out showing my wife the truck and the steering locked up (which was fine, I only had it at 1/4 throttle). then my wife notices the truck started to smoke, so i ran over and disconnected it. i was too late, the wires are all but melted and I know if I plug it in again it will just start smoking again. doesnt this truck have a thermal overide function in the esc? why would it not have triggered when one component is basicly on fire?

    Its too bad, for the extra cost of the servo I could have purchased the brushless model.

    **side note. 1888-traxxas does not work (probably because I am a canadian resident). Thats ok, but I have emailed traxxas support with no word.

    Thanks for your time guys, any information about this would be great

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    There is a thermal overload protection, for the esc; it can't detect that the esc or servo etc has shorted out and caught fire though, it's not that kind of temperature sensor

    I'm assuming though that the wires that melted are just on the servo and no-where else? Traxxas support will get back to you eventually if you try them a few times- it helps if you give an accurate description of exactly what is damaged or broken & why ( random fiery death is still a reason for failure ). I imagine you need to dial an extra number or two before you dial the main traxxas helpline number, check your phone book for info.
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