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    Are there any waterproof brushless combos out there?

    ive never made the upgrade to brushless cause i love the waterproofness of the brushed.
    i know i should google, but as far as i know all of the mambas are not waterproof. im just curious if anyone knows if there exists a brushless waterproof combo that can be used to upgrade the the brushed erevo, thanks

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    The velineon system is all I can think of off the top of my head. You could do a dual velineon setup using a y harness from the receiver to the escs. You'll need 2 complete velineon systems for this set up. It gets kinda pricy.

    Hopefully someone will give another option or more insight on how well a dual velineon in the e revo works.

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    On you tube there are videos on how to waterproof, esc's and servo's it's pretty easy to do and works really well, there are some other water proof setups out there, just google them.

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    Waterproofing the MMM or anyother esc voids the warrenty; kershawdesigns sell some combos that are sold as being 'splashproof', but the MMM is sold as splashproof too, so...

    Otherwise, only the vxl systems are sold as water proof but are water resistant at best, nothing else is worth looking at really. What about a faster pair of brushed motors as a mild boost & still waterproof?...
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