I bought a Revo 3.3 few weeks ago and ran very well. After the 3rd. battery charge of the rx power pack (onboard battery) the car stopped to work very quickly (it's ran for only 30 minutes). When I hooked up the battery charger on the car, the green light turn red and turn green just 30 minutes after. And the battery doesn't have charge enough (the voltmeter is indicating only 4.3V). Also the charger is indicating only 4.3V on the plug. After those things the LED light is ever green in Battery Charger. Doesn't matter if you plug the battery or not. I tested my friend's charger and it indicate 7.29V and my battery charged normal plugged on him Battery Charger. How I can fix the charger? Is it necessary a new one? I`m in Brazil, so it's complicate to have warranty.


Rafael Tavares