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    Dynamite PASSPORT ULTRA -vs- DuraTrax ONYX 235 - CHARGER DEBATE

    Which is better and why? Dynamite PASSPORT ULTRA -vs- DuraTrax ONYX 235? Just got a $90 Lipo and plan on getting more to run my MERV. I want to make sure the charger I have is keeping them running at peak performance and I don't blow out my Lipos.


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    The only thing i can tell you of what i see and read, so dont take my reply too seriously. I read about the duratrax more than the dynamite. If that dynamite charger is as good as its toolkit id skip that one heh.

    Personally i have a imax b6 and it works like it should and nothing fancy. But you didnt ask me about mine heh

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    Please refer to rule #7, this vs that is not allowed also these chargers are not Traxxas products.
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