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    Cool what to do now? 1/16 summit wheels tires for my erevo and upgrades

    Hey guys i have a 1/16 erevo and i want to know what to get on it now any ideas would be great and if you have any 1/16 summit wheels for my 1/16 erevo i am interested any ideas for upgrades or just for looks or anything THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!!!

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    Well, for electronics: you can get a CM36 castle creations motor (1/10 scale) and a 1/10 castle esc and run parallel 3s lipos (I run 1200 mah). Also, a TGY-390DMH High Performance MG Digital Servo (Extra Strong) 5.4kg / .11sec / 22.5g servo ( I run dual servos but it is ok just for one. And a FS-GT3B radio and 3ch receiver.

    For aluminum/ part upgrades: aluminum knuckles, aluminum body mounts (both front and back), aluminum battery doors, any kind of roll cage, 25mm wheel extensions (from the toyz), front rpm/any aluminum a arms, aluminum steering arms, piggy back shocks (any ones except for the stock ones, definite for the back), goosebump tires, a castle blower/fan for the motor, and some king of aluminum body posts.

    Of course, this is what I run with, so some haters will hate, but its crazy fast and durable

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    What you want to do with your merv?

    I think you have to ask more concrete.

    But here some ideas:

    RPM Arms -> not the aluminum ones in my eyes

    Look at the T-Bone Parts you can add to your Merv.

    Exotek shocks or the GTR ones with harder springs if you like to bash.

    I ordered Summit Wheels also, but own some other wheels as well.

    Goosebumps for dirt, and some prolines for speed runs.

    And some paddles for snow and sand.

    An update what you HAVE TO DO is an new alternative Servo.

    Edit: Here some snow pics because of alaska

    Here you can also see the TBone Parts infront and in the back of the car.
    And the bigger OFNA Wing, which is very durable, its just a little scratched after a lot of bashing in skateparks and so on
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    This is a 3 year old thread.... and the OP has not been on the forum since 2011!
    Whatever it is I just typed... could be wrong.

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