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    Question e revo or slash

    what truck is better for racing bashing and the street

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    You already asked this question, if you want more input then bump that thread, don't start a new one ( = spamming ).

    I'd suggest you look at what classes your local track runs, see which class ( MT or SCT ) is more popular- there is a massive difference between a slash and an erevo in terms of handling and bashing ability- SCTs are pretty much aimed at offroad racing, though I have seen a few used on tarmac ovals ( yawn.. ). Hit up youtube and start watching videos to see which appeals to YOU, other people can only tell you what THEY enjoy more...
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    I agree with AoD. It really comes down to how and where you are going to drive it. A Revo is more expensive, but gives you more terrain options. There is a reason the Revo is King of the Hill. A Slash is awesome in itself, but limited terrain options. For soley on-pavement driving with minor off-road, you should be looking at something entirely different like a Rustler, Jato, or 4-Tec. For low maintenance/high performance options look at the 1/16 models.

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    if u want a vehicle that can rid in/ on anything and i mean anything, get the e-revo, but for racing it would b better to get a slash 4x4 because they r way easier to fix rather then the e-revo an deverytime u break something it has to be completly disassembled just to replace a steering mechanism.

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