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    how makes the best glow plugs for the 3.3

    I'm sure you guys have talked about this before but I'm some what new to this hobby, I would like to know who makes the best glow plugs for the Traxxas 3.3.

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    This topic has been discussed before. The "SEARCH" feature in this message board will help you find previously discussed topics fast and easy.

    People have had very good luck with the stock Traxxas glow plugs. Part number 3232X.

    I personally use O.S. glow plugs in all five of my nitro vehicles. I have had O.S. plugs last well over a gallon of fuel.
    The plugs I run are O.S. #8 plugs. I seem to have better power, easier tuning, and longer life out of these plugs.
    They are $5.99 each at my local Hobby Town.

    Hope this helps!

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    I've been running the stock traxxas plug in my T-maxx for almost a gallon. As long as your tune is good if should last a long time. I have a few OS LC3s for replacements.
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