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    Lipo Care & Feeding and Other Stuff

    Lipo questions ...
    1. Can I charge 2 identical 2s in parallel (Venom 20c 2000mah)?
    2. If so, what charger settings should I use (Venom Pro Charger)?
    3. How often should I do a balance charge?

    I got the parallel 2x2s rig set up today. Runtime is easily 2x, even with brand new batts. Maybe about 45mins with a lot of full throttle. I almost got bored! The car is slower and more managable with 2s power, and it doesn't overheat. 3s is simply vicious!

    Other ...
    Winter's not too far off. Does anyone do go-fast on ice? Any ideas for mods or setups are welcome. What else is a frozen pond good for?

    The Scoot

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    These questions need to be directed to the vendor or manufacturer. Traxxas does not allow this type of tech support for non Traxxas products on this forum.
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